Options for function pie()

Function pie() accepts several options to customize your plots.

To try the examples below you may use this matrix:

a=("Lima", 13 @ "Paris", 12 @ "New York", 4 @ "Calcuta", 21 )


NOTE: Words in italics are to be replaced by numbers or keywords.


Fills the background canvas using the specified color.

pie(a, "canvas:#dddddd")


Draws the legend and the text on the pie according to the formatting rules in the supplied strings.

pie(a, "format:#V(#%%):#N")

The directive #V is replaced by the value, #% is replaced by the percent, and #N is replaced by the name. For the pair <"Lima", 13> the string 13(26.00%) will be placed in the legend while the string Lima will be placed in the pie. The default format is "format:#N:#V" (as shown in the figure above).


Changes the name of this plot.

pie(a, "name:Cities")


Removes the legend from the plot.

pie(a, "nolegend")


Draws a title using the specified text. Two lines may be specified by using a \n to mark the end of the first line. See example below.

pie(a, "title:Cities\n8/8/02" )