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About Us

Moscazul Software is a Michigan USA based company committed to offer high quality software for use at home, school, college, and the office (pretty much everywhere).

Mission statement

Provide a high quality suite of programs for numerical computation, programming, plotting, drawing, and image manipulation. High school and college students, engineers, nurses, medical doctors, etc. can benefit from our software.


  1. The host of this web site runs a high-performance, POSIX-compliant operating system called Linux. Linux is free and you may download it from many web sites. The penguin to the right is its official mascot.
  1. The binary executable was created using Excelsior JET, a certified Java SE implementation powered by ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation technology. Excelsior JET transforms java source code into binary executable. Users do not need to have java installed in their computers.
  1. The programs were written using the computer language Java. As mentioned above, users do not need to have java installed in their computers.
  1. Most of the HTML files use CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), a recommendation of the WW3C.
    JavaScript technology from Netscape was selected for the client-side scripts.
    All server-side scripts were implemented using PHP.
  1. Some icons used in this site were obtained from sites offering them for free. If you are the author, let us know to give you the credits. All images were enhanced using The Gimp.
  1. The software that sends the "Calcugator" to your web browser is called Apache; this is another free software used by most of the web sites in the planet.
  1. The web hosting service for this site is provided by Hurricane Electric.
  1. The site's search engine is ht://Dig.


  1. Most of the GUI subsystem of the downloadable version have been influenced by the examples in the book Swing by P. Vorobiev and M. Robinson. For example, the print-preview code is almost a verbatim copy of one example found in that book. We highly recommend it for advanced Java users.
  1. The linear algebra module contains code from the Colt Distribution. (Copyright © 1999 CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research.) The Colt Distribution is a high-performance scalable scientific and technical computing Java package written by Wolfgang Hoschek. The Colt Distribution is free, you may download it following one of the links above.
  1. The Browse Launcher code was written by Eric Albert.
  1. The GifEncoder used in the Export options was written by Jef Poskanzer. Visit the ACME Labs Java page for up-to-date versions of that code and other free utilities.
  1. The PngEncoder -also used in the Export options- was written by Jon Skeet. You may download his code and other image utilities in this site.
  1. The JpegEncoder (Copyright © 1998, James R. Weeks and BioelectroMech) was written by James R. Weeks. As stated in the documentation, the code is based and/or inspired on work by the Independent JPEG Group, Florian Raemy and Thomas G. Lane.
  1. With minor changes, the class PSGr2 (Copyright © 1996, E.J. Friedman-Hill and Sandia National Labs) has been used to implement the tool to export graphics to PostScript format.
  1. Ian Smith provided a base code and motivation that generated the Statistics Toolkit.
  1. Special thanks to Oscar D. Ortiz Alvarez for his help with the development of the inferential statistical functions.
  1. Algorithm AS 190 ('Probabilities and upper quantiles for the Studentized range', by R. E. Lund and J. R. Lund) was translated to java with permission from the Royal Statistical Society.
  1. An algorithm for the Wilcoxon distribution was implemented in java based on a code by professor Lutz Dümbgen of the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

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